Sep 2, 2014

I'm Teaching a Workshop! - From Stage to TV and Film: A 2 Day On-Camera Musical Theatre Workshop

From Stage to TV and Film: A 2 Day On-Camera Musical Theatre Workshop

with Ellen D. Williams and Nicole Dominguez

From The Creative Space comes the On-Camera Musical Theatre 2 Day Workshop. This workshop is designed for the young actor looking to translate their musical theatre skills to film and television. Professionals in both the fields of musical theatre and tv/film acting will come together to teach the ins-and outs of on camera singing and acting in this workshop.

Actors who have made the transition from stage to tv and film, casting directors and agents will join us throughout the workshop as guest speakers to share with you their experience and expertise.  Learn how to translate your musical theatre performance for an on-camera audition, as well as learn the basics of auditioning for tv/film, choosing the right song for your type, and actually go through a mock audition. Everyone will sing and everyone will work. Take a workshop that is like no other!


Ellen D. Williams is a film and stage actress, singer, producer and director. She spent three seasons playing the character of "Patrice" on How I Met You're Mother. She is a director for the ABC Diversity Showcase, a yearly showcase which brings new talent in front of network casting executives, agents, and casting directors.

Nicole Dominguez is a Los Angeles director, writer and producer whose whose work has been seen across the US and in multiple countries. As a teacher, her students have gone on to professional stage and screen careers. Currently her student Ari Wilford is now celebrating his 1000th performance of “Once” on Broadway.