Aug 11, 2018

I Really Need to Update More...

I'm not good at keeping up with updates so here is a crap load:

Just shot an episode of TruTv's Andrea Savage show I'm Sorry! I had such a great time! My kind of show, scripted but got to improv, which is my favorite. 

I shot a Progressive commericial! #FLO Have you seen it? Marc DeCarlo and Michael McMillian are funny guys!

Since the last post I've returned to Baskets, Season 3! And starred on: 

I also got a chance to work with Ginger Gonzaga and Jason Ritter in the heartbreaking short, Your Day:

If your heart can take it and you have no where to go within the next few hours then you can watch it here:

Your Day

A young couple, Jack (Jason Ritter) and Jane (Ginger Gonzaga), spend the day at a hotel, seemingly to celebrate Jane's birthday, until you discover they are there for a VERY different reason... Written and Directed by Ginger Gonzaga Produced by Ginger Gonzaga, Adam Dubowsky, Sasha Nonas Barnes Score by Eric J.