Dec 5, 2012

Hope you were able to tune in 12/3 to see me back as Patrice on HIMYM!

If you weren't able to tune in then click on the above link to see the latest episode I was in, "Lobster Crawl."

And tune in for the next three episodes!  Fun! 

Look what Neil Patrice Harris and Becki Newton said about me!

I got the Season 7 DVD of How I Met Your Mother and saw there was commentary on one of the episodes I was in.  This is a clip from it!  Sweet!

Nov 19, 2012

My first episode back on HIMYM

If you weren't able to tune in last Monday, 11/12, then you can watch my return episode here.  Robin and Patrice BFF Fun Day!  Whoot, whoot!

Sep 23, 2012

Some PR for Flipzoids

Sep 20, 2012

Asian Journal Article

Aug 25, 2012

Dusty De Los Santos

Currently I'm performing in Dusty De Los Santos!  

Madison and Freddie de los Santos are childless. Madison is pregnant for the third time, but no one’s talking about it. Not a single person in the large de los Santos clan utters a word; instead, they tiptoe around the growing baby bump, filling the air with light domestic chatter. When a very very pregnant Filipina woman named Sampaguita invades the de los Santos household, the family is forced to deal with its heavy stockpile of baggage.

Click on the Dusty De Los Santos link above to get more information.