Aug 11, 2018

Also, I wrote ...

... A PILOT!

I'm not sure what will come of it... but I'm hoping the Universe will respond fondly. 

Want to Know More About Me...

There is a great website called  Swiped Off Her Feet  (catchy, isn't it?) and I was asked to fill out one of their profiles about dating and love and all that stuff. Check it out! 

Profiles: Ellen D Williams

Ellen D Williams is an actress known for her roles on How I Met Your Mother and Baskets. What is the quality you most like in a man? I tend to love the qualities of men who have been raised by women or who have had primarily female influences in their lives.


I Really Need to Update More...

I'm not good at keeping up with updates so here is a crap load:

Just shot an episode of TruTv's Andrea Savage show I'm Sorry! I had such a great time! My kind of show, scripted but got to improv, which is my favorite. 

I shot a Progressive commericial! #FLO Have you seen it? Marc DeCarlo and Michael McMillian are funny guys!

Since the last post I've returned to Baskets, Season 3! And starred on: 

I also got a chance to work with Ginger Gonzaga and Jason Ritter in the heartbreaking short, Your Day:

If your heart can take it and you have no where to go within the next few hours then you can watch it here:

Your Day

A young couple, Jack (Jason Ritter) and Jane (Ginger Gonzaga), spend the day at a hotel, seemingly to celebrate Jane's birthday, until you discover they are there for a VERY different reason... Written and Directed by Ginger Gonzaga Produced by Ginger Gonzaga, Adam Dubowsky, Sasha Nonas Barnes Score by Eric J.


Jan 22, 2016

Premiere night for Baskets!

What a fun night at the Baskets Premier Screening and Party! 

Me and my tv daughters, Malia Pyles and Julia Rose Gruenberg! #cuties


Baskets FX! 

So happy to announce that you can catch me playing Mrs. Dale (Nicole) Baskets on Baskets this season. Last night was the premiere and it seems to be well received! Let me just say the show gets better and better with each episode. It's so beautifully done and the cast that consists of Zach Galifianakis, Martha Kelly and in his comeback of all comebacks Louie Anderson as Mrs. Baskets ... well if you didn't catch it please make sure you set your dvr's to series record and catch the first episode on demand. It's really smart television. I show up in episodes 4, 5, 8, and 10! 

Aug 2, 2015

Latest News: ABC Family's Kevin From Work

So excited to announce that I'll be recurring on ABC Family's Kevin From Work as Liz. Please be sure to tune in August 12th for back to back episodes of 1 and 2! Liz shows up in episode 4 and 8 so far! One of the best parts is that I was reunited with some of my #HIMYM family AND a dream came true that I am playing twins with my best friend Jason Rogel who I actually refer to as my twin brother in real life. #Woot! #ABCFamily #KevinFromWork

Oct 14, 2014

Back at Disney/ABC Directing the Diversity Showcase

I had the priveledge of being a part of this great opportunity as an actor back in 2008 and now I'm back as a director for my third year! We have a great and talented group again this year! Looking forward to the big night a few weeks!  #happytobeback #diversity #abc

Sep 2, 2014

I'm Teaching a Workshop! - From Stage to TV and Film: A 2 Day On-Camera Musical Theatre Workshop

From Stage to TV and Film: A 2 Day On-Camera Musical Theatre Workshop

with Ellen D. Williams and Nicole Dominguez

From The Creative Space comes the On-Camera Musical Theatre 2 Day Workshop. This workshop is designed for the young actor looking to translate their musical theatre skills to film and television. Professionals in both the fields of musical theatre and tv/film acting will come together to teach the ins-and outs of on camera singing and acting in this workshop.

Actors who have made the transition from stage to tv and film, casting directors and agents will join us throughout the workshop as guest speakers to share with you their experience and expertise.  Learn how to translate your musical theatre performance for an on-camera audition, as well as learn the basics of auditioning for tv/film, choosing the right song for your type, and actually go through a mock audition. Everyone will sing and everyone will work. Take a workshop that is like no other!


Ellen D. Williams is a film and stage actress, singer, producer and director. She spent three seasons playing the character of "Patrice" on How I Met You're Mother. She is a director for the ABC Diversity Showcase, a yearly showcase which brings new talent in front of network casting executives, agents, and casting directors.

Nicole Dominguez is a Los Angeles director, writer and producer whose whose work has been seen across the US and in multiple countries. As a teacher, her students have gone on to professional stage and screen careers. Currently her student Ari Wilford is now celebrating his 1000th performance of “Once” on Broadway.


Launched my new creative space website!

Come visit us at our new creative website!  EDW Creative Space

Mar 16, 2014

Philippines in July!

Hi Everyone,

My fellow Pinoys I'll be in the Philippines in July performing "Flipzoids" at the Music Museum in Manila (Greenhills) on the 17-19th!  More info to follow!  

I've only been to the PI once and it was a long long time ago when I was 8!  I'm very excited to be performing this show there.  The show will also star Becca Godinez and Maxwel Corpuz.  Directed by fellow Pinoy, Jon Lawrence Rivera!  

Hope to see you there!