Ellen D Williams

Baskets Season 2

Scenes from Baskets

Ellen playing Mrs. Dale "Nicole" Baskets opposite Zach Galifianakis.

Game Show Gary - Progressive Insurance Commercial

Way to go, Gary!

Ellen D. Williams

Mindy Project

Ellen D Williams

Criminal Minds

Scenes from Kevin From Work

Ellen playing Liz in Freeform's (ABC Family's) Kevin From Work.

Zach talks with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about Baskets!

Who knew my debut on the Tonight Show would start with a clip from Baskets! It's at the end!

Ellen D Williams

The Real O'Neals

Demo Reel Compilation

Clips from How I Met Your Mother, When the Bomb Drops, Tinder and Grinder, Conversations Matter, and Fix Me - The Nanny.

HIMYM Reel #1

Season 7 Episodes. Clips from Episodes 7.4, 7.17, 7.18 and 7.19 featuring Ellen D. Williams as Patrice.

HIMYM Reel #2

Taken from Episode 8.6, "Splitsville", featuring Robin and Patrice's BFF Fun Day.

HIMYM Reel #3

Clips from Episodes 8.9, 8.10, 8.11 and 8.12 featuring Ellen D. Williams as Patrice.

From NPH's mouth to God's ears!

Many months ago I came across this in the HIMYM Season 7 Special Features section. Pretty cool!

Tinder and Grinder - Episode 3

While interrogating an informant, Tinder and Grinder find themselves in a very "high" place.

Fix Me - The Nanny

A webisode I did for Brooke Burke's website: www.modernmom.com

When the Bomb Drops - The Nun Strangler

ABC - Conversations Matter

This is an internal spot I did for ABC Studios.

Interview with ABS-CBN News